A Basement Doesn’t Have to Be Cold and Damp

A Basement Doesn’t Have to Be Cold and Damp

Hire a crew for basement waterproofing in Easley and Greenville, SC

After a heavy rainfall, your crawl space and basement may be susceptible to mold growth and other moisture issues that cause your air quality to worsen. Get ahead of the problem by contacting Foothills Waterproofing Division as soon as you notice dampness in your home. Our basement waterproofing contractors will remediate any mold growth you have in your home and prevent new growths from occurring.

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How will Foothills Waterproofing Division help you prevent water damage?

Leave your home’s moisture problems to the pros. Our waterproofing contractors will:

  • Install French drain lines to remove excess water from your basement
  • Waterproof the exterior of your home via excavation
  • Seal off the interior of your basement to prevent mold growth

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